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The Phantom of Alexander Supertramp

(116 x 75 cm) Various Technics on canvas


Bronco Brown (Buffalo, USA)


Bronco Brown is the youngest participant of the Artheist group. He is the son of Billy and Layla Brown. This is all what he wants to reveal from himself. His painting, on the other hand, has quite a story to tell:
This work is inspired on the true events of a young man who, in April 1992, gives all his savings to charity, leaves his car and most of his possessions behind, burnt his passport and hitchhikes all the way from the south of America to Alaska and walked into the wild north of Mount McKinley.
He was called Christopher Johnson McCandless and his dreams and ideals became fatal. He probably got sick by eating berries he thought were edible. Then lost the strength to carry on and find nutrition. His adventure started on the 15th of April until he died on probably the 18th of August, 112 days after he got into the wild. Living of hunting small game and edible plants. He shot a moose on the 9th of June 1992. At first he was real proud but soon he felt sorrow and regret. Not having the know-how to butcher this big animal and save the meat, he desperately tryed for 6 days to keep the meat clean from fly’s and maggots by smoking it. But he failed and had to throw away the karakas. His diary says : « I already have maggots in the meat !!! Smoking is not effective. I don´t know, it all looks like a big disaster. I wish now I haven´t shot this moose. This is one of the greatest tragedies of my life ».
He ate the fatal berries a few weeks later. A few days before he dies, he took some photo´s. His face looks terribly skinny, almost as a skeleton. But he smiles on the picture and there is no denial in the look of his eyes: Chris McCandless was in peace, ready for the next step.

This is Mr. Brown’s personal homage to McCandless. “You can look at his life as romantic-heroic or as foolish and naive. But there is no denial that his life and story has an impact on all of us. His spirit still lingers on and touches us somewhere deep, this painting is how I was touched by his phantom”.



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