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Seven virtues of sin

7x (120 x 20 cm) Installation
Colin Llewin Deadran (UK)

In catholic teachings there is a doctrine that teaches about 7 deadly sins and 7 virtues. These have been the subject matter throughout art history for many of paintings. It used to be a way to show people how to live life according to the heavenly laws. It mostly did not work, people are who they are. But there was at least a lead to follow if you wanted to go to heaven or burn in hell. In this time of age these very same virtues and sins are contradicted simply by the way we life. There are politics, capitalism, commercials, movies, social media, religions, lifestyle, holidays, etc. Some deadly sins are even now promoted as a good thing to do or even used as entertainment. So the artist raises the question: are there virtues in sin?

Religious or not, are you able to name up 7 things that strike you as uncompromisable wrong, starting with the worst one? This artwork should provoke you to ask these questions about yourself. Is there within us all a universally conscious that divides good from wrong? Are we born with a righteous instinct? Is there a way to tell if you are a good or a bad person? It seems very easy to do with other persons, but very hard with yourself. Why is that?

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