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Please read all instructions carefully before becoming a Participant


Step 1

You have to be 18 years old and in full custody of your senses.
If you are the proud owner of a functional mobile phone with a camera function, there is nothing in your way.

Step 2

Send the text message “one time moment + your first name” to the following number:

0049 1525 89 50 444

You will receive a confirmation in the next 12 hours from the artist or an assistant.

Step 3

Make sure that you have read all the instructions, because you are now officially a participant of the artwork.
Congratulations. Now go on with your daily business.

Step 4

At any time of a certain day you will get the following text message: „One Time Moment: GO GO GO“

Be aware that you now have exactly 300 seconds to successfully perform the following task:

– Remain calm and switch your mobile phone into the camera function.
– Take a picture with the phone of whatever is in your eyesight the exact moment, before you got the text message.
No matter what you were doing.
– Send this picture back with your MMS function to the following number:
0049 1525 89 50 444 (no comments whatsoever necessary)

If you succeed this procedure within the 5 minute time schedule, you will get a message shortly after:
„One Time Moment: Congratulations“
This means you participation was successfully and you have contributed to this unique artwork.

Or you get:
„One Time Moment: Failure, better luck next time“
Obviously, this means something went wrong.

Step 5

Go on with your daily business and eagerly awaits the next possibility to participate.



Now be aware of the 10 following rules:

1. Make sure you not endanger yourself and others while taking the picture.
2. Always ask permission before you take the picture, when other persons will be clearly recognizable on it.
3. Only send your picture with your Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Do not use What’s App or other Apps to send us your pic due of copyright regulations.
4. Everyone who reached the age of 18 can join in.
5. The picture should not be a selfie, but an exact moment in time of your field of vision, without any posing or putting things in scene.
6. You can always choose not to participate.
7. By sending us the picture, you give us the legal authority and rights for the ownership and copyright of the picture.
8. The text message can be received 24 hours a day. If the photo is not sent back within 300 sec, the pic gets dismissed.
9. Once the picture is registered into the artproject, it will get filed under first name and time taken. For example: Claude, 10.46 pm
10. Please be aware that the participation can include extra variating costs of your phone company

This is a real fun and large scale multimedia project, that is trying to get participants worldwide. The process of the artwork can be followed on our website and Instagram. Alexandria Klaus is trying to freeze these real time moments, minimalizing any influence and capturing a total unique moment in time of the participant, creating a sociologic timepiece. Showing us and our behavior how it really is.


A massive thank you for participating!

Alexandria Klaus and team




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