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A Social-Cultural Exhibition presenting 25 anonymous Artworks from a social project
mixed with work from the artist group The Artheists.


Made within: „La méditation culturelle au service de l´inclusion sociale“

6 The Artheists - Life - Manga

Some great artists spend a lifetime exorcising their demons through their work and we all know the stories of those poor “suffering” artists. Some of the most admired work throughout history has been created in the most trying of circumstances; be it poverty (Van Gogh), depression (Rothko), substance abuse (Pollock), mental instability (Dali) physical deformity (de Toulouse-Lautrec) obsession (Bacon), excessiveness (Modigliani) and even crime (Caravaggio). What would have happened if all those artists had lived a different life? Would their work be dull and listless, slipping unnoticed into oblivion? Or, on the contrary, would they have produced even greater masterpieces living a life of tranquility and peace without tortured souls?

“I consciously choose the dog’s path through life. I shall be poor; I shall be a
Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853 – July 29, 1890)


4 The Artheists - Sunrise - Untitled


AWO Waldshut

is a social institution who has a long tradition of igniting different Artistic projects. They work with people from less privileged backgrounds (the long term unemployed, people with psychological problems, addicts, refugees and the homeless…) and they asked them to produce art. One of the aims was to try to enflame a creative process and see how a different social background could impact on a piece of art. In those long term projects, sometimes guided from social and art pedagogues and with a lot of trial and error and many experimenting… work after work came into existence.

1 The Artheists - childhood memories - sleeping woman

The Artheists

is an independent group of established Artists from all over Europe. Their goal is to constantly change the angle on how the public can comprehend a work of art. They strive to bring back the aesthetic values in art and to shake the fundaments on how art is regarded.


“Art creates a different reality and lets us discover new worlds…”

3 The Artheists - Hidden woman - The Hand
This exhibition

The main question posed in this exhibition, is of course: Are we being subjective? Knowing the background and the artist can hinder one, in being 100% objective when judging their artwork. You can become too empathetic and therefore be in danger of falling into a trap. It would be shallow to upgrade an artwork just because the person created it, is a social hardship case and equally naive to degrade it for the same reasons. We are, however, not immune to it. In the same way, that we are programed to admire an expensive piece made by a famous and highly regarded artist, who has been sponsored by a high profile promoter, we are equally dismissive of an unknown autodidact. Of course there are differences, no discussion, but are we always able to differentiate between the positive and the negative?


“I am asking myself: Is this a way to comprehend inclusion? Does this open new insights concerning art?
Or is it just an amusing experiment for the untrained eye?”
Bart Dewijze (Curator of this exhibition)

2 The Artheists - Cosmic Bird - Grace


This exhibition is offering a challenge, which will hopefully help you to find the answer for yourself. 13 of the presented Artworks are from a social project. 12 Artworks are from established artists, who are exhibiting in galleries and museums. The artworks are presented anonymously and curated professionally. These works are selected from over 350 artworks. It is up to you, dear visitor to tell the difference.

7 The Artheists - Bad People - Good People

This is a great invitation to open up discussion but above all, the artists, participants and organizers, hope you enjoy the show.




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