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Das Versprechen #6

(80 x 60cm ) Various materials on canvas


Dieter Zwabi (D)

The German artist and philosopher Dieter Zwabi (1968°) explores with this particular work new ways to behold contemporary art. He is constantly on the lookout to grasp metaphors and definitions to comprehend the term “contemporary”. Mr Zwabi observes that in most contemporary art, the artwork itself becomes secondary and the concept behind an artwork becomes more and more primary. Most people does not understand anymore what he or she is looking at in Museums, we only have some vague “Idea”. Or, as Mr Zwabi puts it: “It looks as we have leapt back in the thinking age of Plato, although I do have my doubts the old phrasemaker would approve when he saw all this mayhem”. This observation however, raised 3 questions:
1. If an artwork is regarded contemporary, how does it stay contemporary trough history?
2. If art is regarded as an evolutionary process, (Creation of skill, ideas, style…) contemporary art is almost never contemporary isn´t it?
3. Can ideas have the same emotional impact as visual artwork? And if yes, is the whole of the artwork complementary or even unnecessary?
The answer to those questions is the artwork you are looking at. Dieter Zwabi made a promise (Das Versprechen) to solve these questions with… a contemporary artwork.
In 2011 he created the artwork “Das Versprechen # 1” and put it on display with an invitation: When other artists could improve or alter this work in something more contemporary they should contact him. The terms are:
• The original artwork will be destroyed as soon as the new version was finished, so the new version becomes immediately the original.
• There are no limitations in size, material, concept and execution.
• The new artist shall remain anonymous and will request no reward whatsoever.
• An independent parental guide of this process is appointed to see to it that the chain process of the artwork keeps involving (Even when sold or donated).
This work is the 6th generation of Dieter Zwabi´s original idea. No matter how it looks or what you think of it, it is truly original, it is truly contemporary and it will be destroyed as soon as a new version emerges.
If you want to get involved in this process please contact www.theartpole.com

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